January 2017 Newsletter




Hi All!

Well here it is time for the winter steelhead to be coming up the river and looking for food, the water level in the North Santiam is down to a fishable level, but it is really cold outside, for some reason winter dropped on us like a ton of bricks, I still have snow in my yard and my street is still frozen, it is pretty though.

Come one, Come all to hear our speaker give you tips on catching that elusive winter steelhead, Arden Corey is a licensed river guide for the Santiam rivers, his home river is the North Santiam and he doesn’t miss very often. So grab your fishing buddy and be at the meeting on the 17th, we’ll have refreshments and our always great door prizes, and a great speaker.

To pass along a little info for the bargain hunter in you, On Jan 10th at the 50 + center, Mid Valley Anglers is putting on a vendors show, you don’t have to be a member to attend and there should be a lot of great buys there, so don’t forget the 50+ center on Portland road, I believe it starts at 7pm. Have fun

Please don’t forget that this is ticket sales time of the years for the drift boat, I will have tickets at the meeting and we will be looking for some help in selling tickets, so please try to help.

Well looks like its time too sign off and wish you all a Happy New Year. Keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian