October 2016 Newsletter




Hi All,

Well here we are on this beautiful sunny day, the water in the river has cleared up and our V.P. caught himself a couple of fish yesterday, one steelhead and one coho buck – so strike while the fire is hot.

I want all of you to know that your V.P. Bob Lusk is in the VA hospital for open heart surgery. He went in this morning and put his face on Facebook while he was waiting to go in the operating room. Please send some prayers to him for a speedy recovery, he still hasn’t gotten his Buck yet. Seriously he need your prayers.

Well here comes the next meeting, Oct. 18 at 7:00pm at the city hall in Keizer, bring some friends. We will have Matt Halseth pro guide as our speaker, and he will be full of great tips and info for you on how to catch steelhead and salmon. We will also be raffling off a seat in Matt’s boat to go fishing with the best.

We will also have all the usual raffle Items and refreshments, so bring a friend or two, we can always use new members. So for now, Keep your line tight and your powder dry.


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