November 2016 Newsletter

NewLogoHi All,
How about this weather? pretty nice for fishing and hunting
my river has dropped below 5 feet and there should be some fish still swimming around, I think I will check with Bob L. and find out.

Here it is November and the HOF banquet is this coming
weekend on the 12th, as most of you know we have purchased a
table for the banquet that holds 10 people, at this time we have
space for 2 or three more, the coast is 35.00 per person and if
you want a ride to go we will be doing carpooling for the trip up
and back to Wilsonville, this event is always fun and the food is
great. Please contact me if you would like to attend either by
email or phone (623-363-7387), hope to hear from you very

Our up coming meeting is on the 15th of Nov, at 7:00 pm and
we will have Arden Corey, North Santiam River guide and pro
fisherman, this is the man you go to if you want to know any-
thing about the North Santiam and what is biting, I’m sure that
Arden will have some great tips on catching Steelhead in the
River and Salmon, bring a friend this type of info will help even
the most seasoned veteran.

At the meeting there will be a sign up sheet for the Christmas
Party Please think about what you want to bring as your potluck
and check the sheet to see how many people are bringing the
same thing. We will be supplying the main course and the
refreshments, looking forward to a large turnout this year,
we will also have a guest speaker that night
(to be announced at a later date).

Refreshments and door prizes will be at our next meeting,
hope to see you there, bring a friend. Keep your line tight and
your powder dry, till the next time. Brian