February 2020 News

We are writing and asking for your help us to catch us up on some administrative things.

First, the Portland Sportsman’s show is scheduled to be held in Portland on 5-9 February, 2020. The N.W. Steelheaders Assn. will have a booth to inform and recruit Attendees to join our Association. If you plan to attend and would like to help, please contact the Association office at 1-503-653-4176. The E-mail for the office is: [email protected], but it may not be working at this time.
Coupons for a discount on the admission may be available at Bi-Mart, Sportsman’s Warehouse and other places.

Second: The Albany Sportsman’s Show is scheduled for 14-16 Feb at the Linn County Expo Center in Albany. President Eric Foley suggested maybe some members would like to go as a group and car pool. Let us know if you are interested. 

Third:  You are receiving this because our new listing of members shows you are, or were a member of this chapter in August 2018. 
We know the association notification of membership expiration dates and reminders may not have been received by members in a timely manner. 
We know some members may have just forgotten to renew, had a change in contact information or a name change. Some have dropped their membership.

So, we are sending you the information we have for you on our current listing, individually.  Please review this information, if it is correct do nothing. If you are past due and want to continue your membership, [all memberships are $30.00 a year], please sent your payment to: Association of Northwest Steelheaders 6641 SE Lake Road, Milwaukee, OR 97222-2161, or bring your money to the next chapter meeting on the 18Th of Feb. Please see Linda C. or Robert M.

If you need to update your contact information, please E-Mail Bob J. at [email protected] with changes. DO NOT Text Bob. He may not get it.

Thank You, Board of Directors Salem Chapter N.W. Steelheaders.