Learn The River float trips 2020

1. The first Learn the River trip sponsored by the North Santiam River Guides and supported by the Salem Chapter NW Steelheaders will be on 7th of March 2020. If weather and river conditions permit. See River Guides Web Page: www.nsrga.com for more trip information. If your craft is not registered with the Oregon Marine Board, all craft over 10 feet will need a “Non-motorized waterway permit.Rafts are welcome. Be sure to have Personnel Flotation Device [PFD] is required for everyone in the boat. A whistle on each “PFD” and a “pet PFD” are recommended. If this is your first tip you will need to sign a document to be part of the group.

This trip: From Greens Bridge, to the take out, at Jefferson or just under the I-5 bridge at the rest area #241.  This is the least technical drift boat run on the Santiam River, good trip for new boat owners and new oarsmen.

Schedule: The gate at Greens bridge will be open early for the launching of boats. You are welcome to provided your own shuttle if you wish.  Bob J. will provide a shuttle back to Greens Bridge departing I-5 take out at 9:30 AM. with a stop at Jefferson take out if needed.  Safety and trip briefing at 10:00 AM, then shove off.

River Guide President Bob Lusk is coordinating the trip, if you plan to go please call him at: 503-859-2880, you may leave a message he will have a list to call if something aborts the trip. If you plan to take out at Jefferson we need to know.

2 thoughts on “Learn The River float trips 2020

  1. How long is the float from greens bridge to I5? And is is safe for floating with a tube?

  2. In a drift boat, it usually takes about 2 hours. Depends on water level and flow. If you float it in a tube, let us know how long it took.

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