May 2020 Newsletter

Salem Chapter Northwest Steelheaders Newsletter for May 2020

​We hope you all are doing well, if you got the bug, hope you are getting better.  Trout season in the Santiam River opens on 22 May. I hope. Detroit Lake boat ramps are open, [see note below], some good fishing has been reported.

The chapter meeting for May   is canceled due to the COVID-19 virus, and the closing of the Keizer City Hall.  We hope to have the Kokanee Kid, our April speaker, at another date.

Chapter Presidents Corner:  This is difficult:  Dr. Eric Foley, PhD and fisherman extraordinar, has been our president for the last year or so. He has led the chapter with innovative ideas, brought in speakers of many interests, and kept the chapter on track.
Unfortunately, the college where Eric F. is employed has eliminated his job. Eric’s family resides in Missouri so he will be returning home next week.  He will be missed very much.

Eric extends a Thank You to all the membership for their interest and support of the Salem Chapter Northwest Steelheaders.   We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Vice President Rod Ratzlaff will assume the duties of the office of President.
If any member would like to step up and become the President of the Salem Chapter, please step forward and let us know.  We also need someone to fill the office of Secretary.

The June meeting with Dave Calhoun, of North West Rods, formally of Fishing the N.W.  He is our prospective speaker as the meeting is still pending. We will let you know as soon as we can.
The board of directors are discussing of trying to do this using Zoom.  If you do not have Zoom downloaded, please check it out on “You tube” for instructions on getting and using the program. Installing and using this format is not difficult.
Using Zoom is relatively easy right now as long as you are able to download the file to your computer or portable device. (Tablet or smartphone)  I will drop the directions for how to do this below if it may be of interest to you.  I have even used it to keep in contact with family members that I couldn’t see before. 
Note: This is not mandatory. This is just a potential tool in your toolbox for staying engaged during these odd and uncertain times.
Download Zoom on your computer here (use the first download button):
You can download Zoom on your phone as well, just search for it in the app store. Note: you can use cellular data on a Zoom call (meaning you don’t need wifi), but it may use quite a bit of data. 
1. Watch this video to learn how to join a Zoom meeting. You can listen on the phone also.  

The ODFW Family Fishing Days, Youth Outdoor Day, and all other events which involve getting groups together have been canceled. If they are rescheduled, we will pass the information along to you.

The chapter picnic: is still in the planning stage. With the City of Salem housing the homeless at Gateway park temporarily, we may need to find another place in the Salem Keizer area. If you have any suggestions please let a board member know ASAP.

Membership is the life of the chapter:   Without members and their support, we would not have a chapter. We have received a new listing from the association for the month of March. We have some new members and a few others have paid their “Past Due” bills.  We have more past due members than paid up members. I agree that notification of renewal date from the association has not been timely. “SO,” If you have a question about your membership please contact the association office or E-mail me at [email protected] and I will give you an update or a call.  Note:  I want to get this out to you and to do it individually, like last month, but it will take too long. No phone text please.  Thank You.

Boat Ramps in Oregon:  I found this link at the Marine Board web page:  It shows the boat ramps in Oregon, and where you can get information if it is open. Blue.
It also shows some that are closed like “Big Cliff”, but usable if you can carry in a craft. Red.
You may find out if the ramp is open, and maybe some new ones to try.

Fishing Line Recycle: Time to clean and reline the old and new reels for the new season. Keep the used line.  ODFW has a program that collects and recycles old used fishing line. If you find some fishing line at the boat ramp or on the river bank please put it in the ODFW tubes or bring it to the next general meeting and give it to Bob J.

Chapter web page Fish Pictures? If you have any recent pictures of fish you have caught or places you have fished, send the pictures to our website at: [email protected]  with a short description of who is in the picture and what you have caught. Our chapter also has a Facebook page with lots of pictures and current info. Just search for “Salem NW Steelheaders” on Facebook and “like” our page. You can also see current info and pictures at our website:

Article for the Newsletter:  If you have something interesting you would like to share with the membership, please send it to Bob J. at [email protected].  No phone text please.

Chapter Secretary:   The chapter needs someone to step forward and take this office for the chapter. We will train you; some computer skills would be very helpful.  Please.

If you know someone who has joined this chapter and is not getting the newsletter, please have them contact Bob J. We’ve got a new listing so hopefully; we’ll be able to get in contact with all of our membership. 

Submitted:                                                                                     Approved:
Bob Johnston                                                                                 Rod Ratzlaff
Sec. Ret.                                                                                         Vice President

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