April 2023 Newsletter

Salem Chapter Northwest Steelheaders

Newsletter for April 2023


April 18th Meeting Includes a Member Swap Meet

It’s time to start digging through those boxes full of unused fishing gear and bring it to the next meeting for our Salem Chapter Swap Meet on April 18th. You’ll know you have the right box when you find those long-forgotten spoons, spinners and corkies that you haven’t used during the past decade. You also might want to rummage through that big bundle of rods in the corner of the garage that haven’t seen any action in recent years. Who knows?…You might be able to sell, trade or donate that gear to someone who might use it! Even if you don’t have any old fishing tackle to unload, there’s also a good chance you might find that special steelhead or salmon rod you’ve always wanted but couldn’t see fit to pay the price for when it was brand new.

Bring your unused fishing gear to our April 18th Swap Meet and maybe find some new stuff!

As of press time, Salem Chapter President – Jay Wylie was still looking for a “reel repair expert” to attend our meeting and share their knowledge and advice on how to fix up any old reels you still like. Please plan to attend and bring your old fishing gear and maybe buy or trade for something else you’ve always wanted.

Our Next Board of Directors Meeting is Scheduled for May 3rd

As usual, our Board of Directors welcomes Salem Chapter members to attend our Board Meetings held at Sportsman’s Warehouse at 6:30 PM.

G.I. Wilson to Hold Garage Sale May 12 – 13, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Speaking of used fishing gear…Long-time Salem Chapter Member and Author, G.I. Wilson recently shared his plans with us to sell off “sixty years of fishing gear” at a garage sale on May 12 – 13 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. G.I. says he plans to sell all his “top of the line steelhead and salmon gear.” Merchandise for sale will include “rods, reels, flashers, divers, spinners, hooks, line, spinner building components, yarn, corkies, birdies, spin-n-glos, lead and much more.” Please arrive at 9:00 AM on Friday, May 12th for the best selection as there will be no “early sales” of merchandise prior to the event. G.I. welcomes our attendance and asks that we please be kind to his neighbors because he lives on a dead-end street with limited parking. The garage sale will be held at:

4825 – 12th Ave. North

Keizer, Oregon 97303

Fin Clipping Event Scheduled to be held on June 17th at Rhodes Pond Near Hebo, Oregon

Please mark you calendar and plan to attend. Additional details are to follow next month.


Correction to March Newsletter

In our March 2023 Newsletter, we reported in error that a new Club Facebook page would be created and maintained. It was later brought to our attention that our Salem Steelheaders Chapter already has a Facebook Page which has been very capably managed and maintained by Member Dave S. for several years. The correct URL address for the site is: www.facebook.com/salemnwsteelheaders We apologize for the misinformation.


Reminder Notice for Membership Dues

If you need to pay your annual membership dues, attached is a Membership Form for your convenience. Please return your completed form and dues payment to:


Linda Chezem – Treasurer

663 Rockwood St. SE , Salem, OR. 97306

Please note that the payment amount for annual dues has changed to $40.00 effective February 1, 2023.

Submitted by Mike Ferris – Salem Chapter Secretary