September 2015 Newsletter

NewLogoHi All!

Well here we are in September and  time for the start of our general meetings.

First I would like to say that summer was hot and the water was low, there were more Chinook caught in my river than Steelhead, the run was very small this year and I don’t think that the sea lions did us any favors either, hopefully the rain will start soon and the coho will enter the river, we can always hope.

Next let me apologize for the lateness of this Newsletter, I have had so much going on at the house that it just slipped my mind, and now it is too late to mail the letter so I will ask all of you that receive this by email to please call and remind your friends that the first meeting is on the 15th of Sept. We are having a how to with some of our best and brightest members, to give you some pointers and answer questions. I hope to see you there.

It is raffle ticket time so please bring some extra money ( if there is such a thing ) so we can get this year of sales off to a good start.

The SHOT tournament is coming up and since we already have one boat in the tourney we are allowed a second boat free, so if you have a boat and two friends that want to compete for the glory and the prizes let Bob Lusk or myself know before the 15th so we can get you registered or you can do it yourself, thanks.

As always there will be refreshments and door prizes at the meeting, so tell your friends and bring your fish stories, see you on Tuesday.

Keep your line tight and your powder dry.  Brian