November 2022 Newsletter

Salem Chapter Northwest Steelheaders Newsletter for November 2022


Program Speaker for November 15th

The latest word is that we will have a representative from the Garmin Company as the program speaker for our November 15th meeting. As of “press time,” no further details were available.


So just how bad has the Salmon fishing been this Fall?…

The short answer is, it’s so bad we’ve decided to go crabbing instead! To stave off the boredom which normally goes with fishing and not catching anything, Salem Chapter member Nigel Hearne decided to try something new this year.

Salem Chapter Members Nigel Hearne and Mike Ferris on a crabbing trip to Nestucca Bay

Since he had never been crabbing before, he consulted with Club Secretary, Mike Ferris in October about how to catch Dungeness crabs. After a well-oiled Happy Hour discussion on the finer points of rigging and baiting crab traps they planned a trip to the Oregon Coast on November 3rd to test the waters of Nestucca Bay near Pacific City.

They arrived at the boat launch about one hour before slack high tide and soon had their traps baited up and soaking in a few strategically selected spots. After less than two hours of pulling pots, each landed their limit of twelve “keeper sized” male Dungeness crabs and were back at the boat ramp cleaning and cooking their catch before noon…Try that fishing for salmon or steelhead! Anyway, a good time was had by all, and Nigel and Mike are now in discussions with the Salem Chapter Board of Directors, about ways to provide a similar experience for some of the rest of our members.

The goal of this idea would be to match up our members who own towing vehicles and boats with members who don’t. A thirsty pick-up truck can suck up most of a $100 bill on a round trip to the Oregon Coast but, if you have a generous crabbing partner with some cash come along, everybody can win when the final expenses are totaled and split. At a minimum, watching one of your fellow Steelheaders jumping around in the boat with an angry Dungeness crab hanging onto various parts of their anatomy can be a great source of entertainment!

For future consideration, here are a few good crabbing tides at the Oregon Coast over the next couple of months: November 21st through 27th and December 5th through 13th

Our Next Board of Directors Meeting is Scheduled for December 7th

As usual, our Board of Directors welcomes all Salem Chapter members to attend our Board Meetings held at Sportsman’s Warehouse at 6:30 PM.


Reminder Notice for Membership Dues

If you need to pay your annual membership dues, attached is a Membership Form for your convenience. Please return your completed form and dues payment to:


Linda Chezem – Treasurer

663 Rockwood St. SE

Salem, OR. 97306

Submitted by Mike Ferris

Salem Chapter Secretary

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