December 2019 Newsletter

Salem Chapter Newsletter December 2019

We hope you are getting ready for the holidays and have all of your gear ready for some cold, wet, fishing.

November Meeting Speaker:  Thank you to all the members who attended our November meeting. Our two guests were very appreciative and so was the board members.  Chris Hager, the new Executive Director, gave us a good insight into the goals and objectives he has set for the Assoc. of NW Steelheaders. We also explored problem areas the chapter is experiencing with the Association.  Long time Salem Steel header, G.I. Wilson, was there to promote his new book “Bear Crushes Dad,” short stories about fishing and hunting. G.I. is an award-winning author and frequently has articles in Salmon & Steelhead magazine.  His book is very humorous. We can put you in contact with him if you missed a chance to get your copy or one for your fishing buddies. 

Christmas Dinner on 17 December meeting and dinner:  At the December meeting we will have our fabulous dinner and meeting. The chapter will provide the ham and turkey, soft beverages, tableware, and members will bring the side dishes. We had a signup sheet at the November meeting.  I was not asking for you to choose ham or turkey or to bring some, we have that covered, just bring a side dish. Suggestions are welcome. Past dinners have been outstanding and lots of fun. The drawing will be different: all attending will be given a ticket “at no cost” and drawings will be made for some very nice prizes.  Dinner starts at 7:00 p.m. on 17 December 2019.
Members who did not get an opportunity to sign up, please do so ASAP with Linda C. at 503-393-0212, [please leave a message] or [email protected] and tell us who you are, how many will be attending and what you plan on bringing. We need to plan for the seating for everyone.

Guest speakersfor the evening will be: Alan Fitzpatrick and Kent Toomb from Project Healing Waters.  This program is designed to get our veterans involved with fishing, by teaching the basics, making equipment and lures, then taking them fishing in all different areas of the state. This is not just for the older veterans. They include the younger men and women who have served and returned [there are more than you may realize] that may need some comradely with other veterans to get out of their shell and help them on a road to find some fun in their life. Please come out and have a good meal and learn how you may assist in this very worthwhile project.

Note: If you feel compelled to carry on a conversation with your table-mate while the speaker is talking, PLEASE leave the room until you are done. Members come to hear the speakers, not you.

ODFW: Commission hears testimony on wild winter steelhead retention in southwest Oregon. The Commission will consider a petition to prohibit the retention of wild winter steelhead on all rivers in the SW Zone next month at its Jan. 17 meeting in Salem.
On this subject the Assoc. Legislative representative, Mr. Bob Olsen, sent the following: Greetings; Yesterday a couple dozen native fish activists/ guides from the southern Oregon coastal area went before the commission insisting on a temporary rule that would limit all native steelhead fishing to catch and release, in their part of the state. Partly because neither the pro or con side of the issue has yet offered good science and data, the largely new commission has postponed work on this subject until January. I suspect the commission staff will eventually recommend any justified restrictions should be imposed through changes in the existing conservation recovery plan.
It should also be noted the agency’s budget advisory committee will soon be receiving information about budget adjustments. The legislature will hold a short session early next year and we should soon be seeing some policy proposals of interest to ANWS. Please let me know if your chapter has policy questions or important political news to share. 
Bob J. said, “You have to keep an eye on the legislative issues or we will not have fish or guns.”

January Speaker: We have scheduled Matt Halseth, a fisherman and river guide, to speak at that meeting. Matt has lots of good information on fishing the Santiam, coastal rivers and more. Please plan to attend.

Learn the River Trips:  The chapter and the North Santiam River Guides team up to show boaters the best routes to take when floating the Santiam River. There are four trips planed: Tentative LTR dates: March 2020 Shelburn to I-5 Rest Area. This trip may start at Green’s Bridge instead. April 2020 Mehama to Shelburn, May 2020 Fisherman’s Bend to Mahama, June 2020 Pack Saddle to Mehama. Bob Lusk announced parking at Shelburn Ramp will be open for both the trips and parking has been arranged. As the trips move upstream, they become more technical to navigate.  More information to follow. Schedule changes are to get the trips done before the middle of June.

ODFW: Volunteer Angler Education Instructor Training; We have some folks who want to participate in this program. Bob J. will contact members who have signed up with information for the ones who have not completed the required background check. If you are interested please let Bob J. know.    

  If you have the knowledge and motivation to present a class or be our speaker for a meeting let a board member know. If you have a subject you would like to see/hear covered please let us know.

P.S. If you know someone who has joined this chapter and is not getting the newsletter, please have them contact Bob J. We are working off an old membership listing. Thank You.

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