August 2021 Newsletter

Salem Chapter NW Steelheaders—News Notice

The First Annual Fishing Gear Swap Meet sponsored by the Albany Chapter of Northwest Steelheaders, that was to be held on 18 August 2021, 10 am to 6 pm at Bryant Park, in Albany, has been canceled. It may be rescheduled at a later date.

We hope you are staying safe, well and catching fish.

Note: From the board meeting we planned to resume our activities starting in September without restrictions. It should be noted that in the last day or two the Oregon government has put new restrictions on us, so things may change again, but I want to let you know what we are planning and hopefully you will be able to participate.

The chapter. At the board meeting in August, we planned to get things restarted. We will hopefully, hold a general meeting on 21 September 2021. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please let us know.  This is your chapter and we need help and input from the members.

September General Meeting:  Our next general meeting will be on 21 September2021 at the Keizer City Hall. Hopefully, we will not have more “COVID” restrictions from the State of Oregon.
  1. We ask any one attending who is not vaccinated to PLEASE wear a mask.
  2.  We will provide several types of pizza, salad, soft drinks, paper plates, and table settings.
  3. Each attendee will receive a free ticket for one of the five [5] prizes that will be given away in a drawing.
  4. We will need to ask for members to respond with an “RSVP” to get a number we can expect and have enough for everyone to eat.
There will be no charge to the members, but hopefully, we can use this event to have folks reinstate their membership at the current rate of $30.00 a year. “Past due” payments will not have to be made up.
 5. We are scheduled to have two representatives from Berkley fishing gear. Part of their presentation is they will bring a machine that will test your knot tying capabilities while others watch to see how your knot did.
 6. Part of the program will be:
       a. Find a new President, and a new Secretary. The current office holders will not continue in office after December 2021.
      b. Continuing the chapter if new officers are not found.
      c.  Activities for the year 2022.

We will have a board meeting in September 1st to finalize this program, and lay out our plans for October, November and the December Christmas Pot Luck dinner.  

The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Assn. is sponsoring “Buoy 10 Salmon Challenge” to be held on 20 August 2021 in Astoria Oregon. Web page:  The NWSH Assn. has been asked to find volunteers to help for the entire event-set up, it will take most of the day Thursday then the event on Friday.  If you can only do one of those days that’s OK. They were able rent a house for Thursday night only if they need a place to stay. The fairgrounds does have a hook up if they have their own rig, bathrooms and showers. Contact Tanya at NSIA for further details.  The NWSH Assn. has additional information on the facebook page: facebook: @northweststeelheaders and web page:

The NWSH Assn. Is organizing a “Save Salmon Derby” on August 27-28.  They are requesting the chapters to organize a three-person teams to fish and members who volunteers.  Please let the Assn. know if you can volunteer for our event.  The Dinner is Friday prior to the Derby on Saturday – fishing the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.  More information to come. There will be some nice prizes awarded at the dinner. One trip for two persons, 1 day trip in Homer, AK., with DK charters. $500.00 value.  The NWSH Assn. has additional information on the facebook page: facebook: @northweststeelheaders and web page:

Membership Reports:
  The Association has lost an employee who was processing membership tasks. To update and maintain an almost accurate listing of our chapter membership and send renewal notices, we are asking that you send your renewal to our chapter treasurer at: N.W. Steelheaders, Salem, P.O. Box 3314, Salem, OR 97302.
Make checks and money orders payable to: Association of Northwest Steelheaders. 
The chapter treasurer will record your payment and forward the check to the association as required by the Association Bylaws. If you pay by automated deduction from your bank account or wish to pay directly to the Association do not change it, we will find out you have paid, eventually.  Annual membership is $30.00. If you are past due you do not have to make up for past due. The Assn. does have several payment plans.    Do you have a better Idea? Please let us know.

Salem Chapter leaders.  If our chapter is remaining active, we need some help from the membership.
President Rod Ratzlaff will not continue as chapter president after the first of the year. 
Bob Johnston will not continue as chapter secretary after the first of the year.

The office of Vice President has been vacant and needs to be filled.  
Members of the board of Directors have done an excellent job and been very generous with their time. Board members speak for themselves; we can always use new members on the board.
It is time for chapter members to step up and give this chapter some new direction and motivation.  We are asking for some volunteers to step forward and fill the offices. Please contact President Rod Ratzlaff at [email protected] or myself at [email protected], thank you

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Johnston, Chapter Secretary