April 2017 Newsletter




Hi All !

Well here am just sitting here wondering what to do, when all of a sudden I remembered that I haven’t done the news letter yet, I should have had it done last week.

Well I know that the fishing hasn’t been the greatest, but we can hope for a pickup soon, the Columbia river is now open for Chinook, if you like to brave the cold, go get em and bring your stories to the meeting.

Please don’t forget that we have elections at this meeting and we also have Sam Wurdinger from Dinger Jigs, Sam always has good info on the art of fishing jigs, so bring a friend..

I still need about 3 extra people for the Fly Fishing Clinic on the 29th to help out and jump in where needed, this is a great way to learn to fly fish and not have to pay for it.

We will have our usual door prizes and we will have refreshments, I’m sure that Sam will bring some his wares to sell so don’t be late. Tuesday 7:00pm Keizer City Hall April 18th, I”ll be looking for you. So until then keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian