June 2017 Newsletter

Hi All!
Well here it is time for the inspiring newsletter.
I’m sorry to say that the fishing isn’t that good but some fish
are being caught on the coast, don’t give up though there is
always time to get lucky.

First off I want to thank the volunteers that came to Minto
Park for the clean-up, awesome job guys I hope you enjoyed the
lunch. Also thanks go out to the Free Fishing volunteers that
helped at Albany, and last but certainly not least, I am so proud
of the people that braved the rain and wind to come and help
the kids at Youth Outdoor Day it was not the best of conditions
for the outing, but the kids were happy. Thank You…..

This is our last meeting before the summer break, I would
really like to see a great turn out for our guest speaker Curt
Curry, He will be giving you pointers on catching Steelhead, you
don’t want to miss this one.

I will be looking for people to help with the Summer Steelhead
Clinic to be held in Sept. on the 16th, I also want to know howmany of our chapter will be attending the Chapter Picnic on July the 16th, We really need to know so we can buy the food, and don’t forget to bring your potluck dish to share with your fellow

At our last meeting till Sept. we will have a great door prize
selection and refreshments, so please bring your spare change
and join in the festivities. and thank you for your support in the
Salem Chapter of the North West Steelheaders.

Until we meet Keep your line tight and your powder dry.