April 2016 Newsletter






Hi All

First off let me apologize for my mess up on the dates in the newsletter last month, that was why our speaker didn’t come, but Jack will be here at this meeting and I hope you will all come to see him and hear what he has to say, We will be raffling off two seats for Jack’s boat, so bring a friend and come enjoy the talk.

As you can tell by the fish counts at the dams we are not getting the fish we were hoping for but there are a few that have managed to avoid the jaws of the sea lions and seals, they seem to be a bigger problem this year and are now causing problems with small watercraft, so if you are fishing in the Willamette below the falls please be careful.

Hopefully all of you remember that this is election month and the office of President is open for nominations as are all the jobs on the board, and we can use a couple more able bodies on the board for special projects and some fresh ideas. Please remember that this great organization we belong to was founded by volunteers and is run by volunteers that love fishing and care about the environment so don’t be afraid to help out when needed, we on the board appreciate all of you.

As I mentioned Jack Glass will be at the meeting Tuesday April 19th 7:00pm at Keizer City Hall. (no mistake this time )

Just as a reminder Saturday is Clean-up day at North Santiam State Park it starts at 9:00am and we will be serving lunch about 12:00 This doesn’t cost you anything but a couple of hours of your time and it is a great help to the park rangers in getting the park ready for the summer campers, I only have 5 people that signed up at the meeting and we can really use more.

As usual there will be our regular door prizes and refreshments, so bring a friend and we will have a great turnout for Jack Glass.

So remember keep your line tight and your powder dry, see you at the meeting. Brian