May 2021 Newsletter

Salem Chapter NW Steelheaders.  News Notice

We hope you are doing well and maybe catching a few fish.

Sorry, this is “short fused” but if you would like to get out and about, the Santiam River Guides has extended an invitation to join in for a clean up of the Santiam State Park on 8 May 2021 at 9:00 am to whenever we are done. This is the only chapter Civic Action assist for this year. [ so far].
The park was heavily damaged during the fire. There is a lot of work to do to reopen the park and boat ramp.  Bring: mask, lunch, rain gear if rain, shovel, rake, your favorite pruning shears (brush cutter). The park will furnish wheelbarrows, rock & dirt. Arne Dahl plans to bring equipment to help move rock & dirt. If you have some power equipment, please bring it.
TASKS: clear trails through camp spots, cut over hanging brush on trails, fill burned out tree stump holes with rock, cover with dirt, and clean out camp spots.

Note from the Salem Chapter Board meeting last evening:
If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please let us know.  This is your chapter and we need help and input from the members.

The chapter will remain inactive until September 2021. We will have a board meeting in August to get things restarted. Do you have a better idea?

The Association has lost an employee who was processing membership tasks.
To update and maintain an almost accurate listing of our chapter membership and send renewal notices, we are asking that you send your renewal to our chapter treasurer at: N.W. Steelheaders, Salem, P.O. Box 3314, Salem, OR 97302.
Make checks and money orders payable to: Association of Northwest Steelheaders.  
The chapter treasurer will record your payment and forward the check to the association as required by the Association Bylaws. If you pay by automated deduction from your bank account or wish to pay directly to the Association do not change it, we will find out you have paid, eventually.  Annual membership is $30.00. If you are past due you do not have to make up for past due. The Assn. dose have several payment plans.    Do you have a better Idea?

The chapter membership is continuing to decline and it is difficult to recruit new and renewing current members.  The Association has some activities ongoing and information can be found on their web page at:
or facebook: @northweststeelheaders . We hope to send renewal notices to the chapter membership soon.  

Annual Finn Clipping Party at Rhodes Pond on 19 June 2021 at 9:00 am at Rhodes Pond Highway 22, 5 and ½ miles east of Hebo Oregon. Contact Dave Booth for more details at 503-398-5553.

Salem Chapter leaders.  If our chapter is remaining active, we need some help form the membership. Talking with President Rod Ratzlaff he does not want to continue as chapter president and just may not do it.  I do not plan to continue as chapter secretary. Members of the board of Directors have done an excellent job and been very generous with their time. I will let the board members speak for themselves, we can always use new members on the board. It is time for someone the step up and give this chapter some new direction and motivation.  So, we are asking for some volunteers to do that. Please contact President Rod Ratzlaff at [email protected] or myself at [email protected], thank you

Respectfully submitted
Bob Johnston Chapter Secretary