August 2017 Newsletter


Salem Chapter, Salem, Oregon 28 August 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, and fishermen of all ages:  this is your chapter update-newsletter for August 2017.   

Our chapter is at a point of failing and disbanding.

I am your chapter secretary, assisting President Brian Winn.

Our President, Brian Winn and Vice President, Bob Lusk have experienced medical problems that have left them with limited mobility and ability to carry out the duties of their offices. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Over the past 17 years that I have been a member of this chapter, we have seen a small decline in our membership. Participation in our activities and general meetings has slowly declined.  We had only 15 (plus or minus) members at the last meetings. Our chapter picnic scheduled for July 15,  2017 was cancelled due to lack of participation by the chapter members.

At our general meetings and in our newsletters, we have addressed the need to have elections for a president and vice president and have asked the membership for people to step forward and fill those offices. To date, no one has.

The members of the board of directors have stated that they are willing to continue in the offices they hold. They will assist and help the new leadership in any way they can. Brian W. and Bob L. have offered to assist when and where they can. The Association has also offered help.

September is when we usually start our year of chapter meetings and programs. To do this and be in compliance with the Bi-Laws of the Association, we need the leadership of a president and vice president.  We also need new ideas, younger members, and most of all, participation.

The Chapter Board of Directors will meet on 6 September 2017 at 6:30 pm in the meeting/break room at the Sportsman’s Warehouse on Lancaster Dr., Salem. The meeting room is upstairs and can be entered through the shoe department using the stairs. There is an elevator available if you have mobility problems.

The primary agenda of the board meeting will be:

  1. Normal information and financial and membership review.
     a. Update and plan for the September Fly Fishing class with ODFW.
  2. Introduction of the NW Steelheaders President, Tom VanderPlaat and Development Director, Norm Ritchie, who will advise the board on options and procedures to deal with problems and the future of the chapter.
  3. An opportunity for the board members to express ideas and recommendations followed by opening the floor for members in attendance to express ideas and recommendations.
  4. We Will NOT “rehash” the past, objectivity is our goal.
  5. A call for members to take the offices of President and Vice President.
     a. The chair will suggest that if we have members that will step forward and accept these offices, the Board of Directors will appoint these members to the offices until elections can be held by the membership.
  6. Develop a plan for:
    a. Continuing the chapter securing our meeting room and guest speaker and projected programs of activities.
      b.  Closing the chapter, the disbursement of unobligated funds, chapter equipment and supplies.  
      c. For the reporting information to the Association that may be required.
      d. The transfer of membership to the MAL listing.  
  7. Report to the membership of the actions taken by the board of directors.
  8. Other actions or business that may be required of the board.

Thank you, I hope to see you at the board meeting.

Bob Johnston