October 2015 Newsletter

NewLogoHi /all,

Well here it is Sunday and still beautiful, the rain has moved on and the sky is clear, what a great day to be alive, looking out the window I see a covey official under the apple tree along with doves and assorted birds.

Moving on, it seem that the Chinook are on the run and the coho are starting up the rivers, everyone on Facebook is catching big salmon and having a ball. I hope you are getting your

Now is the time for all good members to come to the aid of their Chapter, our next meeting is on the 20th of October and we are having Pro fisherman and guide Kelly Short as our speaker, if you remember his last visit he filleted a giant salmon to the amazement of most of the audience and made it look so easy. Now he is back and he will have a lot of good things to teach us so we can go out and catch the big ones, we will also be raffling off two seats in Kelly’s boat, you don’t want to miss this chance to fish with one of the greats.

We will have refreshments and our normal door prizes and remember it is time for the big raffle tickets for the Alaska Trip and the Drift Boat, tickets will be on sale at the meeting, please bring a friend we want to have a good showing for Kelly.

I would also like to mention that the Hall of Fame banquet is coming up on November 14th and this year will be held in Wilsonville at the Holiday Inn, this usually starts around 4:00pm, dinner is at 6:00pm so come early and look around there are silent auctions of all kinds of things and then the big open auctions after dinner for all the fantastic trips and such that have been donated. We will be purchasing a table for 10 the cost to you is $25.00 the Chapter is picking up $30.00 for each seat, but we need to know now, so bring your answer to the meeting and let us know, checks or cash accepted and must be paid to Linda so the money can be accounted for.

Well keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian