May 2017 Newsletter




Hi All!

Can you believe that the sun is shining? Yes thats right that is the sun. Long time no see huh? Well it’s back and I hope it stays for awhile.

First off, I would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with the fly fishing clinic. The clinic was a big success and we have received lots of compliments for our clinic and the volunteers.

We also made a great allie in the ODFW, Jenny Ammon who took Shahabs place in the education department. she is a little worry wort, but she just wants all of us to succeed with our endeavors.

Next I would like to say how deeply I was hurt by the turnout at the last meeting with Sam Wurdinger ( 11 people and two were new), for one that doesn’t show a lot of respect for our speaker, or for the board that works so hard to find good speakers for your education, and a chance to go fishing with some great guides.

Our speaker for this meeting is Jeremy Jahns (The Kokanee Kid), I hope you all come to make good showing and the chance to find out where the best kokanee fishing is. this is a great opportunity to help you to catch some fish this year since the Steelhead and Salmon runs are so small. I guess we better start thinking about Trout, Kokanee, and Bass, So grab a friend and get to the meeting on the 16th at 7:00 pm. We will have the usual refreshments and door prizes, and maybe even have a little fun, so get your fishing buddies and come to the meeting.

Last but not least I need some people to volunteer to help us at the Youth Outdoor Day on June the 10th, I also have a sign up sheet for Minto Park clean up including lunch. The more people we have for this event the easier it is and we can sit and have some food and dream up new fish stories.

So until we meet again keep your line tight, and your powder dry. Brian