November 2021 Newsletter

Salem Chapter NW Steelheaders—News Notice, 9 November 2021

We hope you are staying safe, well and catching fish.

The chapter.  The chapter board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, at Sportsman’s Warehouse on south Lancaster. You are welcome to attend. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please let us know.  This is your chapter and we need help and input from the members.

November General Meeting:  Our next general meeting will be on 16 November 2021 at the Keizer City Hall. Hopefully, we will not have more “COVID” restrictions from the State of Oregon.   

 Matt Halseth is the speaker for the evening and he will be talking about steelhead fishing in the coastal river systems and bays, peak run time, and productive water heights he has found in those rivers, and give you tips on gear to be used to catch steelhead.  As part of the door prizes, you will have the opportunity to win one of two seats in Matt’s boat to fish for Spring Chinook, Fall Chinook or Steelhead. See attached flyer.  
  1. We ask anyone attending who is not vaccinated to PLEASE wear a mask. From the Oregon Health Authority: On Aug. 24, Governor Kate Brown announced a new rule that will require people in Oregon to mask in most public outdoor settings — regardless of vaccination status — where physical distancing is not possible.
  2.  We will provide several types of pizza, soft drinks, paper plates, and table settings.

4. For the pizza dinner we will need to ask for members to respond with an “RSVP” to get a count we can expect and have enough for everyone to eat, at [email protected], or 503-507-1424 please leave a message, or online at our web page: There will be no charge to the members; we are using this event to have folks reinstate their membership at the current rate of $30.00 a year. “Past due” payments will not have to be made up.
 5. Part of the program will be:
       a. Find a new President, and a new Secretary. The current office holders will not continue in office after December 2021.
      b. Continuing the chapter if new officers are not found.
      c.  Activities for the year 2022.

Chapter Membership: At one time our chapter had over 60 paid up memberships. The June-July 2021 report show that we have 23 paid members, 20 members are past due in 2021 and 17 past due in 2020. We thank the 8 members who renewed at the last meeting.
 The Chapter Board has decided “The future of this chapter is in question.
In support of the NWSH Association, and to continue the chapter and chapter activities, by the first of next year 2022, we need members to step up and give this chapter some new direction and motivation.  We are asking for some volunteers to step forward and fill the offices. Please contact President Rod Ratzlaff at [email protected] or myself at [email protected], thank you.  
Bring their dues of $30.00 a year up to date, Past due” payments will not have to be made up “.
 Step up and take the offices of the President, Vice-president, Secretary and board members, and bring in new members. If the goals are not met the Salem Chapter may dissolve in accordance with Chapter and Assn. By-Laws at the end of this year.  Your membership in the Association will be moved to “Member At Large” unless you specify otherwise and select a chapter.” 

The NWSH Assn. Is holding a “Virtual Auction on 8-12 November 2021. BIDDING IS OPEN! From today until Nov. 12 at 7:00pm, you can bid on items and trips in our virtual auction to support recreation opportunities. Our virtual auction gives you the chance to bid on cutting edge gear and once-in-a-lifetime trips donated by local small businesses and local craftsmen in our community dedicated to conservation! Right now, we’re living under extraordinary circumstances. Despite the challenges the past year and a half have brought us all, the sport fishing community is resilient. That is why we’re working tirelessly to increase fishing access and habitat restoration for our at-risk salmon and steelhead populations. With all of your help, Northwest runs will bounce back to numbers that foster flourishing populations and vibrant recreation opportunities.  The NWSH Assn. has additional information on the facebook page: › salemnwsteelheaders and web

Membership Reports:
   The Association has lost an employee who was processing membership tasks. To update and maintain an almost accurate listing of our chapter membership and send renewal notices, we are asking that you send your renewal to our chapter treasurer at: N.W. Steelheaders, Salem, P.O. Box 3314, Salem, OR 97302.
Make checks and money orders payable to: Association of Northwest Steelheaders. 
The chapter treasurer will record your payment and forward the check to the association as required by the Association Bylaws. If you pay by automated deduction from your bank account or wish to pay directly to the Association do not change it, we will find out you have paid, eventually.  Annual membership is $30.00. If you are past due you do not have to make up for past due. The Assn. does have several payment plans.    Do you have a better Idea? Please let us know. It is time for chapter members to step up and give this chapter some new direction and motivation.  We are asking for some volunteers to step forward and fill the offices. Please contact President Rod Ratzlaff at [email protected] or myself at [email protected], thank you.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Johnston Chapter Sec.