November 2017 Newsletter

Salem Chapter, Salem, Oregon, 13 November 2017

Ladies, gentlemen, and fishermen of all ages—this is your chapter update-newsletter for November 2017.

Our Past President, Brian Winn, is improving but he is still experiencing medical problems that have left him with limited mobility and ability to carry out the duties of his office. He is in the Portland VA Hospital on the 9th floor, so if you are in the area and have some free time, he would enjoy a visit. We understand he has improved so much he may get a pass to come home for Thanksgiving.

On Saturday, the Association held its Annual Banquet at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn. This event was well attended; the Salem Chapter had a table of 8 members in attendance. The association recognized veterans from all services. There was a presentation of our national and service flags by the local Boy Scout Troop. Several awards to chapters and members of the association for volunteer services were made. The keynote speaker was Mr. Brett Miller of Warfighter Outfitters Inc. of Sisters, OR. Mr. Miller is an Army Veteran recovering from his major wounds, loss of limbs, and he is dedicating his time by getting wounded veterans into fishing by taking them on outings. [We have his card if you would like to know more and maybe help him on his mission]. An auction for items, trips, and holidays was conducted to raise funds to continue the mission of restoring our Pacific Northwest fish runs and enhancing fishing opportunities for today and the next 50 years. Robert Morton won a “Go Pro” camera.

We have the association raffle tickets for a three day Alaskan fishing trip, $1.00 each or 25 for $20.00 and ClackaCraft 16’ Old School High Side Drift Boat, $6.00 each or 2 for $10.00 ready to sell. This program is a fund raiser for our chapter and the association. We will be selling tickets at the general meetings, and hopefully if we can get some volunteers at Sportsman’s Warehouse S. Lancaster, Salem. I have reserved the following Saturdays: 18 Nov., 2 Dec., and16 Dec. Hopefully, we can continue selling after the first of the year. I have blocks of tickets if you would like to check them out and sell them at work, school, church, health club, Tupperware parties and such. Sure would help. If you can help, please contact me at e-mail [email protected], or at the meetings, (phone calls may not be remembered.)

December meeting and dinner is being planned by the Board. We will have the Association Executive Director Bob Rees. Bob is a guide and a very successful fisherman. The Chapter will provide the Ham and you will bring the side dishes. We will have a sign-up sheet to tell us what you will be bringing to the dinner at our next meeting. Suggestions are welcome.

November Meeting will be on 21 November 2017. Our guest speaker will be local guide and fisherman, Matt Halseth. Matt has lots information about the Santiam River, local area, and coast fisheries. We will be raffling off a seat in his boat. Please see the flyer on the next page.

Are you getting your Association magazine, The Northwest Steelheader, information from the association, and chapter e-mails? If you are not, please contact me. I think there are two listings at HQ. that may not be accurate. If you are getting this letter in the mail and have an e-mail address PLEASE save us money on paper, ink, stamps, and my time and provide us that information. Some e-mail I do send bounces back because of errors, or the box is full. I need a little help here.

We are still looking for someone to step up and take the office of Chapter President. Rod is doing an outstanding job as Vice President, but his day job limits the time he can give to us. A Salem resident would be most helpful.

Steelhead Fishing Workshop was held at the Santiam State Park Rt. 22 east of Salem. This was a joint ODFW and Salem Steelheaders project. Fifteen people took the class; some were new fisherman and some were experienced. Two members from another chapter came to see how we do it. It went well as the students had positive comments and weather was cold and wet. Thank you to our volunteer instructors and ODFW organizers. “Good Job!”

Hope to see you at the November meeting. Bob Johnston, Chapter Sec.