January 2016 Newsletter




Hi All!

Well it is that time again, winter is upon us and the weather is too cold to go fishing ( for me ) I know that some of you have been hard at it and I think that you are to be committed or should I say commended. There are fish in the river but I really haven’t heard of any being caught, maybe I will check around a little more.

I have an announcement for all of you, If you bought tickets from James at the meetings or at the Sportsman’s Warehouse, please bring your tickets with you to the meeting so they can be replaced, I have a list of the numbers that were lost ( which were all that were sold by James ) so bringer Alaska and Boat tickets to the meeting so we can replace them. you all deserve a chance to win even if the carelessness of one person is the cause of the disaster.

We are looking forward to this meeting, our speaker will be Cody Herman and it will be a great time, We will also be raffling off two seats on Cody’s boat so bring some extra cash, our regular door prizes will be there for the picking also and there will be refreshments remember we also have a clothing line and hats for sale, show your pride in your chapter and purchase some.

Our meetings is in the same place the Keizer City Hall on the 19th of January at 7:00pm so don’t forget, and bring friend or all your friends and get in on the activities.

I will announce a changing the Guard at the meting, for I am stepping down as your president because of health issues, but I am sure that Bob Lusk will take good care of you, I will still be around and probably have my hands in the mix from time to time, but I may not attend all the meetings, but I will try. Thanks for the ride it has been very educational and has been a pleasure serving you, keep up the good work and make the association proud of the Salem Steelheaders.

So in closing, keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian