May 2017 Newsletter




Hi All!

Can you believe that the sun is shining? Yes thats right that is the sun. Long time no see huh? Well it’s back and I hope it stays for awhile.

First off, I would like to thank all the volunteers that helped with the fly fishing clinic. The clinic was a big success and we have received lots of compliments for our clinic and the volunteers.

We also made a great allie in the ODFW, Jenny Ammon who took Shahabs place in the education department. she is a little worry wort, but she just wants all of us to succeed with our endeavors.

Next I would like to say how deeply I was hurt by the turnout at the last meeting with Sam Wurdinger ( 11 people and two were new), for one that doesn’t show a lot of respect for our speaker, or for the board that works so hard to find good speakers for your education, and a chance to go fishing with some great guides.

Our speaker for this meeting is Jeremy Jahns (The Kokanee Kid), I hope you all come to make good showing and the chance to find out where the best kokanee fishing is. this is a great opportunity to help you to catch some fish this year since the Steelhead and Salmon runs are so small. I guess we better start thinking about Trout, Kokanee, and Bass, So grab a friend and get to the meeting on the 16th at 7:00 pm. We will have the usual refreshments and door prizes, and maybe even have a little fun, so get your fishing buddies and come to the meeting.

Last but not least I need some people to volunteer to help us at the Youth Outdoor Day on June the 10th, I also have a sign up sheet for Minto Park clean up including lunch. The more people we have for this event the easier it is and we can sit and have some food and dream up new fish stories.

So until we meet again keep your line tight, and your powder dry. Brian

April 2017 Newsletter




Hi All !

Well here am just sitting here wondering what to do, when all of a sudden I remembered that I haven’t done the news letter yet, I should have had it done last week.

Well I know that the fishing hasn’t been the greatest, but we can hope for a pickup soon, the Columbia river is now open for Chinook, if you like to brave the cold, go get em and bring your stories to the meeting.

Please don’t forget that we have elections at this meeting and we also have Sam Wurdinger from Dinger Jigs, Sam always has good info on the art of fishing jigs, so bring a friend..

I still need about 3 extra people for the Fly Fishing Clinic on the 29th to help out and jump in where needed, this is a great way to learn to fly fish and not have to pay for it.

We will have our usual door prizes and we will have refreshments, I’m sure that Sam will bring some his wares to sell so don’t be late. Tuesday 7:00pm Keizer City Hall April 18th, I”ll be looking for you. So until then keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian

March 2017 Newsletter




Hi All !

Hope you all are staying dry, for March this is unusual weather 2 days of snow, Ice and rain and then just as you think it has passed it starts again. If you weren’t on the learn the river trip on Saturday the 4th you missed a great trip. Bob said it was sunny and almost warm and the fishing wasn’t bad either they caught some smolts and there was one steelhead caught, but he wasn’t with our group, according to our river expert there are fish in the river and if it ever stops raining we just might try to get some.

Our meeting for March 21st will have Jack Glass as our speaker and we will be raffling off two seats on Jacks boat and learning some valuable hints on how to catch Steelhead and maybe even Salmon, so please come early and get your tickets for the drawings.

At this time of year I try to get volunteers for our up and coming events, I would like all the angler educators to sign up for our Fly Fishing Clinic on April 29th the last two we have had were a big success and a lot of fun, then in June we have free fishing weekend on the 3rd and Youth Outdoor Day on the 10th and I hope to get at least 12 to 15 volunteers to come and teach the kids how to fishing help with the set up and take down of the fishing booth.

As usual we will have refreshments and our usual drawings for prizes, so bring a friend and enjoy the meeting. See you there. Keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian

Action Alert January 2017

Displaying On January 20th, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will decide the fate of Columbia River anglers for the 2017 fishing season and the future of the Columbia River Fisheries Reform Package. To date, Oregon’s anglers have not received what we paid for (the Columbia River endorsement fee), what we sacrificed for (smolt transfers from the Sandy River and Willamette River hatcheries to supplement the Young’s Bay gillnet fishery), and what we were promised (increased angler opportunity and greater conservation measures by the gillnet fleet).


Join your fellow anglers in a united front against attacks on the bi-state reform package agreement by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. In December, led by Commissioners Buckmaster and Anderson, who favor commercial fishing interests, the Oregon Commission voted to “freeze” implementation of the reform package, thereby rolling back the phase out of gillnets on the mainstem Columbia and the promised phase in of increased sport fishing opportunity.

Fortunately, this last Saturday, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission did not follow in Oregon’s footsteps, but instead largely sided with sport fishers. Washington decided to implement most of the key provisions of the reform package, including full implementation of the spring and summer season reforms, and a commitment to full implementation of fall season reforms in two years.

Now, the ball is the Oregon Commission’s court . . .


Sportanglers have kept their promises and the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission reaffirmed their commitment to their largest constituency through a decision prioritizing sportfishing on the mainstem Columbia. In the face of two already approved fee increases, and the need for support for an alternative fee package that recognizes that all Oregonians should pay for ODF&W’s programs, it’s time for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to recognize the merits of full implementation of the Columbia River Fishery Reforms. Please join your fellow anglers and urge the commission to keep their promises to our community by attending the January 20th meeting in Salem or email them, expressing your desires for full implementation of the reform policy. Please tell the Oregon Commission to:

  • Commit to full implementation of the Columbia River Reform Package – including the agreed to recreational fishing priority on the mainstem and a transition of gillnets to off channel areas.

  • Reject ODFW staff’s proposal to abandon full implementation and to allow non-selective gill nets to permanently remain on the mainstem.

  • Re-open the Young’s Bay area to recreational fishing – as recommended by ODFW to aid conservation of wild fish by removing more hatchery fish from the spawning grounds.

  • Allow the use of barbed hooks in the Willamette River and Oregon tributaries as also recommended by ODFW.



Oregon Fish and Wildlife Headquarters
4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE 

Salem, OR 97302


Meeting starts at 8:00am

Meanwhile, please consider writing the commission on your feelings for deviating from the course at:

AND, contact your Senator and Representative by finding their contact info here:

Find Your Legislator

January 2017 Newsletter




Hi All!

Well here it is time for the winter steelhead to be coming up the river and looking for food, the water level in the North Santiam is down to a fishable level, but it is really cold outside, for some reason winter dropped on us like a ton of bricks, I still have snow in my yard and my street is still frozen, it is pretty though.

Come one, Come all to hear our speaker give you tips on catching that elusive winter steelhead, Arden Corey is a licensed river guide for the Santiam rivers, his home river is the North Santiam and he doesn’t miss very often. So grab your fishing buddy and be at the meeting on the 17th, we’ll have refreshments and our always great door prizes, and a great speaker.

To pass along a little info for the bargain hunter in you, On Jan 10th at the 50 + center, Mid Valley Anglers is putting on a vendors show, you don’t have to be a member to attend and there should be a lot of great buys there, so don’t forget the 50+ center on Portland road, I believe it starts at 7pm. Have fun

Please don’t forget that this is ticket sales time of the years for the drift boat, I will have tickets at the meeting and we will be looking for some help in selling tickets, so please try to help.

Well looks like its time too sign off and wish you all a Happy New Year. Keep your line tight and your powder dry. Brian

December 2016 Newsletter




Hi All,

With the rain and snow it is time you know that Santa Clause is coming to town, There will be missle toe and trees all aglow waiting for Santa to bring toys and joy.

The river is still high and pretty much not fishable till it goes down some, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

I am late getting this out because today is the day of the hearing down town on gill nets, I just hope enough people show up to sway the powers that be.

Just around the corner is our Christmas Party, so mark your calendars and get your potluck dish ready this will be a good time, Our speaker for this event will be Karen Hans Biologist from the ODFW in Corvallis, she will be telling you about cutthroat trout and salmon and steelhead in the north Santiam, this will be very informative, can’t wait to see you all there.

We will be supplying the main course and the drinks and plates and silverware, and we will be giving away a great prize at the feast, so don’t stay home.

Not much else to say so keep your lines tight and your powder dry. Brian

Oregon Gillnet Betrayal

This past Friday, the ODFW Commission, led by a former gillnet industry lobbyist appointed to the Commission by Governor Brown last year, voted to break the historic 2012 bi-state Columbia River compromise fishery reform plan. The good news is that you can doing something about this betrayal.

The Commission, ignoring the advice of its own staff and disregarding their ongoing negotiations with Washington’s Commission, voted to block the plan’s implementation for a year — including the promised removal of commercial gillnets from the mainstem Lower Columbia.

This action directly conflicts with the key tenants of the bi-state compromise plan and Senate Bill 830, which codified the reforms in Oregon.  Instead of honoring its promises, the Commission is instead focused on growing the profits of the gillnet industry. We can’t allow this to stand:

•Non-selective gillnets that indiscriminately kill endangered salmon and steelhead as well as other wildlife would remain in the lower Columbia for at least another year, if not indefinitely.

•Columbia River recreational salmon and steelhead fisheries, which generate over $13 million in annual license and endorsement fee revenue for ODFW, would continue to be shut down by indiscriminate gillnet fisheries that generate little revenue for ODFW.  

Governor Kate Brown has the power to reign in her renegade commission.  When she appointed a gillnet lobbyist she explicitly promised that what happened Friday would not happen.

It’s time to hold her to that promise. Here’s how you can help:

•Call Governor Brown at (503) 378-4582 – let her know you oppose the decision of her ODFW Commissioners to block the Columbia River reforms. Urge her to reign them in.
•Plan on joining us next Monday, December 12 at Noon for a legislative briefing and rally in Salem — Room 350 of the State Capitol Building (900 Court Street, Salem, Oregon).

Remember, government – and fish policy – goes to those who show up. Will you show up for the fish and our fisheries?

CCA Oregon

November 2016 Newsletter

NewLogoHi All,
How about this weather? pretty nice for fishing and hunting
my river has dropped below 5 feet and there should be some fish still swimming around, I think I will check with Bob L. and find out.

Here it is November and the HOF banquet is this coming
weekend on the 12th, as most of you know we have purchased a
table for the banquet that holds 10 people, at this time we have
space for 2 or three more, the coast is 35.00 per person and if
you want a ride to go we will be doing carpooling for the trip up
and back to Wilsonville, this event is always fun and the food is
great. Please contact me if you would like to attend either by
email or phone (623-363-7387), hope to hear from you very

Our up coming meeting is on the 15th of Nov, at 7:00 pm and
we will have Arden Corey, North Santiam River guide and pro
fisherman, this is the man you go to if you want to know any-
thing about the North Santiam and what is biting, I’m sure that
Arden will have some great tips on catching Steelhead in the
River and Salmon, bring a friend this type of info will help even
the most seasoned veteran.

At the meeting there will be a sign up sheet for the Christmas
Party Please think about what you want to bring as your potluck
and check the sheet to see how many people are bringing the
same thing. We will be supplying the main course and the
refreshments, looking forward to a large turnout this year,
we will also have a guest speaker that night
(to be announced at a later date).

Refreshments and door prizes will be at our next meeting,
hope to see you there, bring a friend. Keep your line tight and
your powder dry, till the next time. Brian

Mike Huddleston – Memorial

In Remembrancemikehuddleston2016

Mike Huddleston

12 March 1921 – 23 September 2016

Member Salem Chapter N.W. Steelheaders 1984-2016

Board Member Salem Chapter N.W. Steelheaders 1985-2016

N. W. Steelheaders Association Member of the Year 2012

Mike was a long time fisherman. He would proudly show you the photo of him holding a 40 lb. Chinook that he had just caught.

Mike was elected to the board of directors for the Salem Chapter of the N. W. Steelheaders shortly after joining the chapter in 1985.

Mike has chaired the Nomination Committee for the chapter board officers for several years. Mike has been known to ask, cajole, induce, and “Shanghai” chapter members into serving.

Mike consistently sold the most Association ticket sales for several years and he supported the chapter at weekend sales. Mike was noted for getting shoppers walking by to stop for a second and listen to his pitch.

Mike could always be counted on to help organize and attend work parties by the chapter.  His support of the annual cleaning of Minto Park by the Salem chapter was, by his labors, an inspiration to the members who worked and tried to keep up with him.

Mike was inspirational in organizing and taking new members to the Alsea and Nestucca Rivers to explore and educate them on boat launches and “Hot Spots” for bank fishing.

Mike worked with other members of the Salem Branch in a booth at the State Fair explaining Steealhead Fishing and showing casting technique to children using a bicycle tire as a target.

Mike assisted other chapter members at the Roaring River Fish Hatchery with the fish egg spawning program and the smolt & fingerling fin clipping program at the hatchery.

Mike has testified before the Oregon State Senate on behalf of the N.W. Steealheaders in the River Navigation Designation bills that were under discussion.

In March of 1992, Mike served on a ODFW select committee representing the N.W. Steealheaders to develop and publish a “Fish Management Plan for the North Santiam and Calapooia Rivers.”

Mike was the key person to secure a booth for the Salem Chapter at the Stayton Fair which is held in Stayton, Oregon every June which enabled the chapter to receive very favorable exposure.

Mike was affectionately known to the Salem Membership as a “Motivator.” If someone had a good idea or project, Mike was a “Let’s get her done” guy with little discussion, no studying, no committee meetings if possible, no tabling it to next meeting; just “let’s get on with it and get it done”. At 90 plus years of age, he was an inspiration to all who observed him.

Mike, You Will Be Missed!

October 2016 Newsletter




Hi All,

Well here we are on this beautiful sunny day, the water in the river has cleared up and our V.P. caught himself a couple of fish yesterday, one steelhead and one coho buck – so strike while the fire is hot.

I want all of you to know that your V.P. Bob Lusk is in the VA hospital for open heart surgery. He went in this morning and put his face on Facebook while he was waiting to go in the operating room. Please send some prayers to him for a speedy recovery, he still hasn’t gotten his Buck yet. Seriously he need your prayers.

Well here comes the next meeting, Oct. 18 at 7:00pm at the city hall in Keizer, bring some friends. We will have Matt Halseth pro guide as our speaker, and he will be full of great tips and info for you on how to catch steelhead and salmon. We will also be raffling off a seat in Matt’s boat to go fishing with the best.

We will also have all the usual raffle Items and refreshments, so bring a friend or two, we can always use new members. So for now, Keep your line tight and your powder dry.